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Roses & Petals

A series of photos I took at the weekend at my parents' house. These roses are my favourite flowers in this garden. Even if I'm not a huge fan of roses when it comes to bouqets I really appreciate them in wild gardens. Crazy how they are still in bloom at the end of october.

Mädchen von Haway

Some weeks ago I took some photos in front of our picture frame in our living room. It's from my grandmother's house and I knew that I need to have it for ages. So when we sold the house I saved it. Because I didn't know what to put in first, I chose some old notes I also found in the house. It doesn't fit into our flat's colour scheme, but I think it's special and reminds my of my grandparents.

Acne Canada

Just like many other girls I could not resist and bought the Acne Canada Scarf some days ago with a discount. It's so cosy and I'm looking forward to wear it when it's getting colder. The colour fits great to all my coats and I really like the material. Now I just have to find the perfect oversized cardigan. Unfortunately the ones I liked are all too oversized for me, so the search goes on.
Did you see the post about my favourite beauty products at Siska's Blog some days ago? It's so nice what she wrote about me.
But I didn't wrote about my favourite nail polish. So here is a picture of the colours I like to wear most in autumn and winter. But at the moment I never wear nail polish and go all natural. Time to change this. In the dark months some sparkling might be great.

Days are getting colder.

Dreaming of autumn outfits with items I will never be able to afford.

herbst I

herbst II

herbst III

Multiple Exposures

Some multiple exposure photos I took with my Canon A1. Some are more than a year old but I developed the film just recently. The last one might be just a single exposure.

Trenchcoat and Scallop Pattern

In the last days I have worn my H&M trench coat many times.  It's so rainy here, but at the weekend it's getting sunnier. I like to combine it with skinny jeans and vans to create a mixture between the styles.

//Glimpse of my H&M Scallop Cushion. As you probably know I'm totally into sea. This was the first thing I bought when we moved even it's just decoration and no one is allowed to sit on it, haha.
//All things come to an end. This is the last picture I took in my grandparent's house where I spent so much time.

Maybe you have noticed that I changed the layout a little bit. I just wanted something simpler and a change.

In the end a rainy weather song I just listen to:

Current Spring Cosmetics

Cream Cleanser by Grown Alchemist: It's so soft to the skin and I really like the herbal natural smell. It feels more like a medicine than a beauty product.
Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner in Blossom Lady: I loved the name of the color and heard so much good things about Ilia lipsticks. So I just had to have it. It's a great color for spring and emphasizes my natural lip color. But unfortunately, the texture is very dry and I don't really like the smell. But I'm getting used to it day by day. Maybe natural products can't be that smooth like my lovely Nars lipsticks.
I just polished my toes in a cute pink by p2. I definitely need a new nailpolish in this color, because it's a bit old and the texture isn't that smooth anymore. But the color is perfect and it goes great with my all time favorite Chanel Blush in Rose Initiale.The peonies I got from the market last weekend. In the morning I saw some blossoms that had fallen on the ground and thought this was a perfect atmosphere for taking these pictures. The peonies I got from the market last weekend. In the morning I saw some blossoms that had fallen on the ground and thought this was a perfect atmosphere for taking these pictures.