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Montag, März 31

Flowers and a glimpse of our kitchen

 photo 2014-03-31_1396270392_zpsc50cff83.jpg
 photo 2014-03-29_1396120909_zpsae266553.jpg
We did some raclette at the weekend. My boyfriend's mother brought me some beautiful tulips from the market which finally found their place in our living room. In the kitchen we have some pink diatheses and daisies. I love flowers, especially after long winters, even if we did not have snow this year some colors are great.

Dienstag, März 18

Pale blue dress

I took some self-portraits last week because the light at our home was beautiful.
The pale blue dress is by h&m.  photo IMG_8181kl_zpsfcfc2114.jpg photo IMG_80672_zps53a53fed.jpg photo IMG_8130kl_zps8ebacd09.jpg photo IMG_8085kl_zps09f15d77.jpg photo IMG_8104kl_zpsff893dbf.jpg photo IMG_8222kl_zps6c25e43b.jpg

Montag, März 10


Because of the fact that I have a new phone I will show you more outfits. I just need a new mirror to do better full body photos.
Here's the first one I wore yesterday. It's spring here and we had 22 degrees. Unbelievable!
I wore a Dark Blue Denim Jeans by Zara, Blue Suede Shoes by Görtz, H&M Tote Bag and Top and a Rose Gold Necklace by Fossil.
The Top is one of three tops I bought at H&M. I love speckled shirts. They are so easy to combine and do not look boring. The one I wear on the picture is very oversized. Just right for warm weather and sunshine.

Donnerstag, März 6

Enjoying my free time.

I'm totally enjoying holidays and making plans for the next semester.

Just tidied up my workspace. I love that the sun is shining the whole morning from the left window.

I just started taking yoga classes and eating more healthy. Unfortunately my healthy eating lasted only two days because I love bread, pasta and chocolate, but I'm trying again.

Loving this pink wild berry fruit tea and Ikea Brakig.

Bought myself some new beauty stuff: MAC Eye Kohl in Phone Number and a Charcoal Mask by Origins. I used it two times till now and the skin feels super soft after using it.

Recent purchase: Zara Blouse

Donnerstag, Februar 20


I'm on instagram now. You can follow me @lanymphea.

Samstag, Februar 15

Navy Blue Tote Bag

Some posts ago I showed you my favorite things on etsy including a navy blue tote bag by Leah Lerner.
I couldn't resist after months of admiring it and ordered it. This was my first etsy purchase.
The quality is great and service and delivery were flawless. I love the deep sea blue shade.
I can totally recommend it and cannot wait to wear it for the first time tomorrow.
  And many thanks to Lara for introducing my blog.

Donnerstag, Februar 13

Choose Happiness

choose happiness ichoose happiness ii So glad to have time for photography again. It's a bit difficult after half a year without, but I will try to do a lot of new stuff and experimenting. I'm wearing my new kimono via h&m.
I just noticed that I'm too old for watching Germany's Next Topmodel. They are all so young, or I'm grown up, but it's no more inspiring for me.

I actually can't hear Bastille's voice anymore, because it's on radio all the time, but this song is so amazing.
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